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Neighborhood Picnic

5 pm Saturday, June 20th

9003 Queenswood
In the Mattisons' Back Yard
One house from Comburg Castleway

In case of rain contact Ron Mattison: or 512 417-5227.

It’s June, it’s Hot, it’s time to

Good company, good food,
and a cold beer or soda just go together.
Food provided/Homemade sides & desserts appreciated
Everyone (all ages) welcome/Bring chairs
Short business meeting at 6:00 about rise in dues.

Neighborhood Bird Guide

Click above for a guide to the common and some not-so-common birds in our immediate area -
at our feeders, in our yards, and in the air.
There are seed eaters, insect eaters, road-kill eaters,
and even hawks that specialize in catching birds.

Contact Doug at with additions, suggestions and comments.

Click here for the Picnic issue of newsletter
All issues will be posted the week before each event.


4/18 - Neighborhood Garage Sale:
8 am-1 pm
5/2 - Spring Fling: 4-7 pm

6 /20 - Summer Picnic
10/6 - National Night Out: 6-8 pm
12/14 - Holiday Party: 6:30 pm

COVNA Email Group
100+ households strong

Please join our neighborhood email group. Each email sent by a subscriber is sent to all other subscribers. All emails will start with [COVNA] in the subject line for easy recognition, grouping and deletion.

To subscribe (or unsubscribe) email Matt Janiga at
Please include your name(s).

Email list guidelines:
This forum can be used to alert people or express concerns about neighborhood, area, or city-wide issues. Subscribers will also be able to share personal experiences, pictures (reasonably sized and few), etc. Posting excessively will be discouraged and this will not be a forum for discussing political or religious viewpoints or supporting candidates. No recycled forwards (jokes, etc.) and no soliciting. Questions? Email me or call at 280-4080.

One useful function has been feedback members receive when asking for advice about remodelers, electricians, plumbers, etc from other folks' experiences. Another has been alerts of criminal activity in and around our neighborhood.

There is a new way for neighbors in the Castlewood Forest and Oak Valley subdivisions to keep in touch. isstrictly for people who live in these two neighborhoods. It is a social media site a bit like Facebook with no ads. To join go to

Castlewood Forest and Oak Valley together comprise a quiet neighborhood where people enjoy walking the tree-lined streets.

The Castlewood-Oak Valley Neighborhood Association (COVNA) is dedicated to preserving the quality of our neighborhoods.  COVNA is active in area growth issues, crime prevention, traffic problems, environmental concerns, neighborhood conditions, and other community matters.

Help preserve the neighborhood we all enjoy by becoming involved in COVNA.  You can do your part by joining and attending meetings to actively shape the future of this area of Austin we call home.  Please follow the links to find out how to become engaged in your neighborhood association.