Castlewood Oak Valley Neighborhood Association

Holiday Party

Dec. 18, 2017

Come join us at our annual get-together! We'll be at a new location this year (Casa Garcia at William Cannon/Manchaca) and will be ordering from a special (just for us) menu that includes enchiladas, fajita plates, taco plates and more. Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

Bring your favorite holiday desserts to share! **Newsletter Editor Election**

There will be short slate of business to tend to at the Holiday Party including the election of a Newsletter Editor! Kristi Smith has kindly volunteered to fill the position. We'll also beapproving the budget for the upcoming year and fielding questions.

Blue Santa

The COVNA Parents group has adopted three families in the 78748 zip-code through APD's Blue Santa program this year and would love your help! Please sign up via the Google Doc link (below) for items that are needed.

Donation Deadline: December 13

Drop off until 12/11 Margaret Withee 2213 Toulouse (608)213-9309

Drop off After 12/11 Hannah Wolniewitz 2409 Comburg Castle Way Please contact Hannah at or call 512-585-6192 with any questions.

Blue Santa Sign Up Link

Neighborhood Safety

Break-ins that have occurred the past few weeks. There are no leads on suspects as of the printing of this newsletter, but Of- ficer Goodloe did have some words of advice for the neighborhood as a whole.

  • Lock your back doors and ground floor windows.
  • Set your alarms even if only stepping out briefly.
  • Leave no visible items in your car and lock your car doors in the evenings.
  • Secure your garage door openers inside your home if possible and/or conceal.

Package and Mail Delivery

Unfortunately, there is also an increase in crime during the holidays so we ask that everyone please report any suspicious activity to the police. Please check your mailboxes and front porches daily during this heavy holiday delivery time. If you are not home during the day, please con- sider having packages delivered to your workplace or requiring signatures so your packages do not sit out all day. For those using Amazon, please consider Amazon lockers as a secure option. Your packages will be safe under lock and key until you are ready to pick them up.

There are several all over town. Nearest locations listed below:

  • >7-Eleven 8010 Brodie Ln.
  • Whole Foods at Arbor Trails 4301 W. William Cannon Dr.
  • BBVA Compass Bank 1912 W. Stassney Ln.

Thanks to our newsletter editor

Getting those newsletters deposited to every household takes quite a bit of work and coordination and we are very thankful to Ross Ciomperlik for his dedication to our neighborhood newsletter for the past couple of years.

Thank you, Ross!!

Renew Your Memberships

You can renew your membership at the Holiday Party or online