By a unanimous vote at the Holiday Party the COVNA meeting schedule has been reduced to four business meetings while retaining the two parties. The new schedule is as follows:

February 18th
April 21st
June Picnic—(TBA)
September 15th
November 17th
Dec Party—(TBA)

Thanks to Dan Anderson for volunteering as secretary! All offices are filled at last.

1/18 - Thesaurus Day
(Peter Roget)

1/23 - National Pie Day



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Floyd Clark
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Happy New Year Neighbors! Hard to believe another year has come and gone. The new year always brings a sense of new beginnings and a fresh start; a chance to resolve to change for the better. My personal challenge to everyone of my neighbors is to resolve to collectively engage to keep the quality of life in our South Austin neighborhood second to none.

This year we can expect major changes in South Austin. According to recent city data, the 78748 zip code is expected to see the most population growth of any area in the city over the next few years. In just the last year alone, we have seen significant commercial growth along Brodie Lane, new multi-family developments along Slaughter, and a steady increase of traffic and people. Such is the price of progress. However, with a major stake in that progress, it is imperative that we fight to direct that growth (and its side effects) in a positive direction.

Of greatest concern is the lack of adequate infrastructure. Our major intersections are literally failing under the influx of traffic. Our neighborhood roads that connect us to our schools, grocery stores, and jobs are unsafe and almost impassable during peak times. And we suffer from a lack of adequate sidewalks and bike lanes. We have a tremendous opportunity to make progress on this issue with the Davis Lane/Westgate planning project underway. However, we will need commitment from each and everyone of you, as well as our surrounding neighborhood associations, to assure that the city keeps their promise to South Austin.

Over the next year I will periodically call upon you to help us fight for our fair share of city resources. I may ask for an email, or maybe a phone call to the city. I may ask that you attend a public meeting. In short, from time to time, I may ask that you take a few moments out of your certainly busy lives to stand up for our neighborhood. Today, however, all I ask is that you resolve this new year to do your best to help out when you can to preserve the wonderful neighborhood that we call home.

Again, Happy New Year to you and your family. I look forward to serving as your president this year and I am always available by phone (695-5457) or by email ( if you need to speak with me about any issue.

Dominic Chavez


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New campaign encourages Texans
to prepare for any emergency

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has launched a statewide emergency preparedness campaign to help Texans prepare for emergencies such as hurricanes, wildfires, terrorist attacks, and disease outbreaks.

Key to the Ready or Not? HAVE A PLAN campaign is a new interactive Web site,, where Texans can create a family emergency plan (finding loved ones), build a customized disaster supplies list and get information about the threats we face.

DSHS encourages all Texans to get ready. Below is a general list of essentials. For much more information and answers to any questions visit the website and create a personalized plan and kit to meet you and your family’s needs.

• 3-day supply of nonperishable food that needs no cooking
• Hand-operated can opener
• Plastic plates, cups, utensils

• 2 gallons per person a day to last 3 days for drinking & sanitation
First Aid
• Red Cross approved first aid kit
• Backup prescriptions for essential medications

Personal Hygiene
• Hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes
• Toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags
• Dental care and vision products
• Travel-size soaps and other beauty supplies
• Change of clothes, pair of shoes and blanket

Clean Air Items
• Nose and mouth protection masks
(N-95 rating)
• Plastic sheeting
• Duct tape

Baby Items
• Formula, bottles, powdered milk
• Diapers
• Baby wipes
• Diaper rash ointment

• Flashlights for each family member with extra batteries
• Fluorescent lanterns for each common area
• Waterproof matches or a utility lighter

• Portable, battery-powered radio
• Land-line phone with long cord
• Extra batteries for flashlights, lanterns, radio
• Extra cell phone battery or car charger
• Whistle

Family Safety Items
• Smoke detector with battery for each floor
• Carbon monoxide detector with battery backup
• Fire extinguisher
• Non-scented bleach for sanitization
• Sunscreen
• Insect repellant
• Shovel and basic tools

Transportation Items
•State and regional road maps
• Basic repair items (tools, tire patch kit,
engine oil)
• Games, books, puzzles

Pet Needs
• 3-day supply of non-perishable pet food and water
• Cage or pet carrier and leash
• Pet medications and pet first-aid kit
• Current photo in case you are separated
• Cat litter and box
• Pet bed and toys



Johnny G’s Butcher Block


Specializing in
Fresh Choice Beef, Pork, Sausage, Jerky
Wild Game Processing

Tanglewood Business Park
11600 Manchaca Rd. Ste H
Austin, TX 78748

Grover Swift
Jill Peevy Swift


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River City Pest Control

Barkley Garner
8704 Oak Ledge Dr, Austin TX 78748

Insect Control
Nuisance Animal Control