Castlewood-Oak Valley
Neighborhood Association

Monthly COVNA Meeting

7:00 p.m. Monday, March 15th

Southwest Church of Christ
8900 Manchaca Rd. (Rear Entrance)

The March meeting has been set aside for Issue Updates on the topics introduced in the January and February meetings. Come and hear information about and the status of the following issues:

-Section 8 rental property &
rental property in general
-Water pressure in the neighborhood
-Neighborhood street signs
-Neighborhood Watch signs

Reminder: Please turn in your membership dues for the Castlewood-Oak Valley Neighborhood Association no later than April 30th to ensure inclusion in the Neighborhood Directory. If you’re like me, you’ve lost the form so print it out from the membership form page and send it in.. Your participation in COVNA will increase the influence of your neighborhood association.

Section 8 Housing Issue Draws Large Crowd
to February Meeting
February’s meeting drew a sizeable and engaged crowd which heard a presentation by Mr. Kent Bedell, Landlord Outreach Specialist. He spoke about the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The question and answer session was long in duration and brought up concerns and information about the program that provides assistance to low-income families allowing them to rent in any part of the city including the Castlewood-Oak Valley area. Concerns included property values and the equitable and most cost-effective use of housing funds. Individuals raised concerns about the effect rented houses and especially those covered by Section 8 might have on the upkeep of yards and structures in the neighborhood. Updates will be given at the March meeting.

It seems from neighbors’ feedback that some areas in the neighborhood enjoy normal water pressure while in other areas the pressure runs dangerously high. Some houses have tested at over 100 psi which is enough to cause hoses and valves to fail. Attempts are being made to establish the extent of the problem areas and whether the city might be able to remedy overly high water pressure in areas that are affected. Any further information available will be presented at the March meeting.

The COVNA and Neighborhood Watch signs are ready to be erected in the near future. Updates as to placement, etc. will be discussed at the upcoming meeting.
Message from the President
Spring is just around the corner and the plentiful rains combined with approaching warmer weather can mean only one thing – LAWN CARE. Winter in Central Texas just isn’t long enough to give the mower and lawn trimmer a good rest. We stop in mid-November and by March, we are mowing again. Many in our neighborhood have been doing winter bed preparation and will have some beautiful spring flowers for us all to enjoy. Now is the time to add some color to our lawns, improving our curb appeal.

Warmer weather and longer days will also bring out more walkers around the neighborhood. There is already a good contingent of year ‘rounders, but we who are fair weather walkers will be out on the street again real soon. As we walk the peaceful streets of our neighborhood, take special notice of yards which show their owners care with trimmed curbs, pruned hedges, and beds which are well maintained. As fellow property owners, or even as temporary residents who are renting, we appreciate everyone who looks after their property, maintaining the look and feel which brought us to this little piece of Austin in the first place.

Included in well-maintained property is compliance with city ordinances as they apply to boats, trailers, campers, and abandoned vehicles. Let’s all do our part to preserve the investment we have made in the Castlewood Forest and Oak Valley neighborhoods.
Doug DuBois
Notes from the Editor
Doug Tabony
I received the following slice of history this month:

My name is Jane Miller.  I live on the corner of Vassal & Comberg at 2300. There were only five other homes on Vassal when we moved in October 1974: The Brown's at 2301 , the house at 2303 and the three homes at the other end of the street on the north side. My husband, Bob, had just retired from the Army.  He is a graduate of Texas A&M, Class of "53" and in 1975 to celebrate the 100th birthday of A&M they sold cuttings from the oak trees on campus and we sent in our order. When the package arrived it consisted of three dead sticks. We stuck them in the ground anyway and they produced the large, lovely oak tree in our front yard.

I plan to begin a series about the history of COVNA next month starting with the inception of the association in 1981 in response to the proposed development of Tanglewood and other neighborhoods in this area. I am still interested in a producing a running history of the development of our neighborhoods.  You can send or bring any notes, articles, pictures, or anything else of interest to me at 2403 Vassal Dr or email me at