•3rd Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale
April 14th

Hope your $5 vase or artwork doesn’t show up on Antiques Road Show (except as a fake)

•Spring Fling
April 21st
This will replace the normal April meeting

Noodle Month

3/28-Weed Appreciation Day

Photo: Alan Tabony


It’s always a good time to show your support for COVNA. Your membership fee of $10 supports activities such as parties, email list, and the annual garage sale. I feels good to join. Get to know your neighbors by attending meetings and parties. See you at the Spring Fling!
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It is time again for the neighborhood-wide garage sale. At the February meeting, Saturday, April 14th was set as the date for the sale. This means you have about three weeks to get organized and prepare if you are going to participate.

Things will work the same as last year: COVNA will take care of print advertising and placing signs around the neighborhood to draw in shoppers. Each home that wants to participate is responsible for conducting its own garage sale. Feel free to team up with friends and neighbors. The idea is to leverage the selling power of the neighborhood, increase the number of garage sale shoppers, and sell more stuff.

Advertise your individual garage sale on craigslist and add that there will be numerous others in the neighborhood. If everyone does this it should generate a lot of interest.

Of course, we will only sell treasures in our neighborhood!



Despite the recent rains, Central Texas is still in the midst of an exceptional drought. With that in mind, Austin Water is reviewing the structure of its current watering restrictions and codes, and asking for citizen input.

Citizens and businesses are invited to attend a workshop, Tuesday, March 27, 6:30 - 9 p.m. Participants will review a draft framework for watering restrictions and drought response developed from public feedback. The workshop will be in Room 104 of the Austin Water headquarters located at 625 E.10th Street. Free parking is available in the garage.

Austin has been in Stage 2 twice since 2009. From these two occurrences, Austin Water officials have received extensive feedback about what is and what isn't working in the current water conservation code.

If the drought does worsen, the Lower Colorado River Authority-where Austin gets its water-would ask customers to cut back even more than Stage 2 restrictions require. The current code and watering restriction levels are not designed for long-term drought situations. Updates to the water conservation code will take into consideration protecting Austin's tree canopy and the long-term effects on Austin Water residential and commercial customers.

For up-to-the-hour Lake Travis water levels, an interactive map of lake levels every day from 2007 to today, drought status for Texas and the US, and more click here. As of 3/19 Travis is 48 feet below full, and 38 feet below the March average. For the LCRA Colorado river report click here.

January 11, 2012


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Hope all had a great spring break. I thought I would just remind everyone to mind the school zones and cell phone usage. There will be a new traffic pattern with the Westgate opening so be on the look out.

Also wanted to let everyone know Cowan has a message board that can be rented out for the day to send a special message or note to all those in and around our neighborhood. They charge a small amount for the advertisement but well worth it to reach parents.


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While the scientist in me assumes that birds think no more of flying than humans think of walking, I, like most people, delight in and am jealous of birds’ ability to soar into the sky. I am sure people have always watched birds because they are the most numerous animals around us (except insects). Many are also beautiful. They can be both pests and allies. Some eat our crops and others help control insects that destroy our food sources.

The other day I saw an amazing sight. I looked up from the kitchen table and saw at least 20 Cedar Waxwings evenly spaced around our birdbath. After a short time they simultaneously lifted off and all disappeared. A moment later, poof, they suddenly, magically reappeared circling the birdbath. As before they soon disappeared only to repeat the process one more time. I have not witnessed this before or since. Many look forward to seeing these handsome birds but they can threaten crops such as grapes. They travel in small to very large flocks and make a trilling sound when airborne.

Of course, our birdbath is plain concrete, inherited from the last owner,
but we had lots more Cedar Waxwings.


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Centaurea cyanus (Cornflower, Bachelors button)
In folklore, cornflowers were worn by young men in love; if the flower faded too quickly, it was taken as a sign that the man's love was not returned.