April 2005

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Monthly COVNA Meeting


7:00 p.m. Monday, April 18th
Southwest Church of Christ
8900 Manchaca Rd. (Rear Entrance)

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In the wake of recent news events, our Vice-President, Barbara Klein, who is an attorney with the State, has been receiving a number of calls regarding living wills and healthcare powers of attorney from friends and
family. Ms. Klein has offered to answer general questions of our neighbors at April's meeting
on this sensitive but sometimes necessary topic.

Reminder #2: It’s never too late to join but to ensure inclusion in the Neighborhood Directory you need to turn in your membership dues no later than April 30th. Click here to fill out a form.

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Monthly meetings are held on the
third Monday of the month.

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Submitted by Floyd Clark

I went to a meeting today at the Voter Registration/ Elections office to discuss changes in the borders of Precinct 355 (includes COVNA). Every two years the County Clerks office realigns the borders, mostly because of population shifts.

Precinct 355 has a voter registration count of 3,143. Our registered voter count has exceeded 3,000, so our geographical area has to be reduced. 634 voters will be transfered to Precinct 350, directly to the west of us. We will loose the people living in the area west of Leo and north of Davis Lane.

The proposed changes will bring our number down to about 2,509 voters. The change will be effective for the 2006 elections. The Travis County Commissioners Court will hold a final public hearing on April 19, about 9:00 am and may vote on this change.

Note that there is construction in the new subdivision North and East of the Davis Lane and Oak Ledge Drive intersection. In about two years, I expect our precinct boundaries will be modified again.

Click here for current Precinct 355 map.

Submitted by Pat Mahaun

Last May I was walking my dogs through the neighborhood when I noticed something at the side of the road. It was small and pink, and as I crossed the street to look more closely, I discovered that it was a gift card from Foley's. It read, "Happy Mother's Day." Figuring it was either all used up or maybe expired, I considered it litter, put it in my pocket and continued walking. About a week later, as I was doing laundry, I found the card again and decided that, just for the heck of it, I'd call the 800 number on the back and see if there was any money still on it. You can imagine my utter surprise when the operator informed me that no money had been spent thus far and that the card was worth $100. I asked for the name of the purchaser so that I could call him or her with the good news, but was told that these gift cards are completely untraceable.

The card was mine to spend as I wished. I began to envision cute little strappy sandals, colorful capri pants and pretty blouses. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this card could be put to better use through a donation to charity. Knowing


that one of my favorite organizations was soon to host a silent-auction fund-raiser, I decided to spend the $100 on housewares that might generate cash for them. I waited for the Foley sales flyers and coupons to show up in the Statesman, then headed to the mall. I was thrilled to walk out of Foley's with more than $400 worth of kitchenware, including the donation of an additional Calphalon pan from a sympathetic department manager.

To the mother who was the intended recipient of this generous gift, if you are reading this, please know that the receiving charity, Blue Dog Rescue, does wonderful work in re-homing dogs, mostly mixed breeds. Often these dogs- some puppies, some older-are not only homeless, but all too often they've been starved, abused, and badly neglected. Your lost Mother's Day gift helped spay or neuter some of them, plus get several much needed, reduced-cost vet care from Feather and Fur Animal Hospital. In your loss, I hope you can find consolation in knowing just how your gift card was used.

Tree Trimming
Leaf Raking
Hedge Trimming
Light Hauling, Etc.

Fourteen candidates filed for the three Council positions up for election on the May 7 municipal ballot. Also on the ballot is an anti-smoking initiative that, if approved, would replace the existing smoking ordinance with one that would further restrict smoking at public places.

Council members serve three-year terms. Each position is at-large, meaning each member is selected by voters citywide. A person must be registered by April 7 to vote in the May election. Early voting is April 20-May 3. Those currently on the Council in these positions are Daryl Slusher, Place 1; Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Goodman, Place 3;

and Dunkerley, Place 4.

For more election information, including how to register to vote, go to the Election page at www.cityofaustin.org/election

A League of Women Voters Questionnaire will be available at all public libraries and online starting April 12: leaguewv.austin.tx.us

There will be a League of Women Voters - moderated forum on April 24, open to the public. Details will be posted on City’s Web site.

Spring is a time of renewal. Nature’s renewal is in full stride. We finally renewed our COVNA membership last month. My appreciation for our neighborhood has been renewed on several “walks” I took recently along our (mostly) quiet streets. Jo (my wife) and I strolled the streets on an evening when enchantment was in the air. The cool breezes swayed the tops of the trees that enveloped us in a deep, shimmering shade. The familiar yards took on a magical aspect, calming our spirits. The muted, evening light made the leaves and lawns richly verdant and the multicolored flowers vibrant against

the deep, green backdrop. As is often the case, we enjoyed chats with a number of other walkers along the way.

Several days later, Rudy, my good friend and weekly helper for over three years, and I took a jaunt around the neighborhood. We became absorbed in minutia–interesting plants and the beautiful colors and shapes of flowers, all the time breathing in the fragrant air. We talked at length with a neighbor about the fascinating cacti and dry weather plants he had collected across Texas.