COVNA Meeting


7:00 p.m. Monday, April 16th
Southwest Church of Christ
8900 Manchaca Rd. (Rear Entrance)

April Program Notes

At our next meeting, Dominic Chavez (our Vice President), will offer a resolution for COVNA to discuss and consider asking the city of Austin to immediately fund some of the more notorious intersections and roadways around our neighborhood. As he states, “Unfortunately, the city only listens to those who scream the loudest. Perhaps now is the time for COVNA to join the chorus.”

He adds, “Since moving to the neighborhood 3 years ago, I have watched some of our neighborhood roads get progressively worse. The intersection of Slaughter and Manchaca is constantly congested with near accidents and utter confusion. Davis Lane is in total disrepair and increasingly congested and dangerous, particularly at the intersection at Brodie Lane. Our area of town is growing fast, yet it appears the city of Austin is doing next to nothing to help accommodate that growth, particularly with respect to transportation. In fact, while we passed over one-half billion dollars in bonds last May, Public Works was not granted any money for new transportation improvements.”

4/18 - Paul Revere Day

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4/28 Administrative Professionals Day

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Make sure to vote May 12th

Floyd mentions an upcoming election inside. Remember that your vote carries the most weight in these “small” elections. Exercise your right and privilege and vote! To view a sample ballot click HERE.


Floyd Clark
Dominic Chavez
Vacant (please volunteer)
Hal Ferguson
Doug Tabony
Doug DuBois
Doug DuBois
President (282-8245)
Vice President (695-5457)
Treasurer (282-0601)
Newsletter (280-4080)
ANC Delegate (292-9323)
Past President (292-9323)

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Monthly meetings are held on the
third Monday of the month.
January 15th
February 19th
March 19th
April 16th
May 21st
June Picnic TBA
September 17th
October 15th
November 19th
Dec Party TBA



Before our May meeting there will be another election. Please vote, however be sure to do your homework. I saw only one item on a sample ballot that might affect us. There is a proposed constitutional amendment that limits ad valorem taxes imposed by public schools.

Early voting: April 30 – May 8, at various places around Austin.
On Election Day, vote at the Southwest Church of Christ: May 12.

Many of us have received our membership roster, thanks to Doug Tabony and Hal Ferguson. If you have not got yours, please let Doug know (280-4080). Also, thanks to the members who delivered them.

Active participation by our members is very important to our organization. They are all volunteers and we seem to lean heavily on those who are willing to improve and secure our neighborhood. More members are needed to participate in COVNA. Don’t be shy, please let us know if you can help.

Our Meeting on April 16th will again feature transportation needs and problems. If you attend, you will hear some more about our problems and possible future plans involving our roadways.

Please come.

Floyd Clark

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We Still Need Help!!!

We need a volunteer to act as secretary.

The job only takes about two or three hours a month but is vital to the association.


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Johnny G’s Butcher Block


Specializing in
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Tanglewood Business Park
11600 Manchaca Rd. Ste H
Austin, TX 78748

Grover Swift
Jill Peevy Swift


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River City Pest Control

Barkley Garner
8704 Oak Ledge Dr, Austin TX 78748

Insect Control
Nuisance Animal Control


Garrison Keller’s radio program, Prairie Home Companion recently ran a spring poetry contest. They received over 2,000 entries and selected 15 to read on air. You can read all 15 winners by clicking HERE. This is the entry that won the grand prize drawing that my wife enjoyed.

"Spring Onions"
by Jack Dillard

A wild spring onion first appeared
last Tuesday in my lawn.
I cranked up my weed-whacker.
With one whack it was gone.

With no small satisfaction,
I then surveyed the yard.
To get it so immaculate,
I'd worked both long and hard.

The next day it was back again,
that wild and wispy weed.
I admired its persistence
and reluctance to concede.

But I refused to be outdone
by a pesky bulb with shoots.
I bent down and I yanked it out
with care to get its roots.

Before I could dispose of it,
the weed had grown right back.
That's it, I said, I've had enough.
I went on the attack.

I dug a hole where it had been,
two feet deep, three wide.
Then, I doused the dirt and grounds
with a potent herbicide.

It sprang up in another spot
so I got out the tiller.
I chased it all around the yard,
a serial weed-killer.

In the end I lost the fight.
Defeat was absolute.
The lawn that once was manicured
looked like war-torn Beirut.

I realized then I couldn't win.
No use to rant and rave
and when I die, I'll fertilize
spring onions on my grave.




Incidents in COVNA 11/1/06-3/31/07
Abandoned Vehicle -1
Assault by Contact Fam/Dating Violence - 1
Assault w/Injury-Fam/Date Violence - 3
Assist Other Police Agency - 1
Auto Theft - 1
Burglary of Residence - 2
Criminal Mischief - 1
Deceased Person - 1
Disturbance/Other - 1
DWL Suspended Sr - 1
Family Disturbance - 1
Forgery and Passing - 1
Found Controlled Substance - 1
Harassment - 1
Leaving Scene Crash/Accident - 1
Lost Property - 1
Theft Of Bicycle - 1

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