7:00 p.m. Monday, May 18th
Southwest Church of Christ
8900 Manchaca Rd.
(Rear Entrance)


THIS IS NOT A COVNA BUSINESS MEETING. This meeting is to share information on the tax appraisal increase, sale prices on recently sold houses in the area provided by realtors, and how to protest the appraisal increase on your home. An area-wide response may be organized.

5/11-17 American Craft Beer Week

5/23-31-International Pickle Week


City Election Results

489 or 13.8% of people out of those registered in our precinct voted in the mayoral/council election.
City-wide voting was 13.01%

Mayor: Lee Leffingwell
Place 2: Mike Martinez
Place 4: Bill Spellman
Place 5: Sheryl Cole
Place 1: Chris Riley

Floyd Clark (temporary)
Dan Anderson
Hal Ferguson
Doug Tabony
Doug DuBois
Floyd Clark
Vice President (282-8245)
Secretary (282-1932)
Treasurer (282-0601)
Newsletter (280-4080)
ANC Delegate (292-9323)
Past President (282-8245)

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February 16th
April 20th
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November 16th
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COVNA still has no President or Vice-President. If willing to serve, contact any officer listed above. Only a relatively few members have been doing the work to keep COVNA the neighborhood we know and cherish.

Maybe it is your time to step up and serve. The task is not onerous. There are only four business meetings and two parties and much support available from active, experienced members.

Sorry to be repetitive but the need won't go away until the positions are filled.

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Article by Dominic Chavez

Like many of you, my family has felt a financial pinch over the last year. We watched helplessly as our retirement and college savings for our children lost 30-40% of their overall value. We saw friends and families deal with job losses, cutbacks, and financial despair. We watched home sales plummet around us, suggesting that the one last real investment we have (our home) would follow the way of our stocks. Then, to add insult to injury, we received most unwelcome news from the Travis County Appraisal District—our home value was assessed $30,000 higher this year over last, meaning our taxes would follow suit.

Across the county, appraisals have increased 3.8 percent. In the city of Austin, they increased 4.5%, following a 12.8% increase last year, with similar increases for the 4-5 years prior. We have heard anecdotal evidence from neighbors that most have seen $30,000 increases with some as high as $50,000. The question you must ask is, do you think you could sell your house for $30,000 to $50,000 more today that last year in this market? The answer should be obvious.

For too long, our county and city have used the property tax appraisal system as a stealth tax. Rather than have to justify their budgets and adjust the tax rates to support them (which may require voter approval), the city of Austin, and Travis County have held the effective rate unchanged for many years. But they always manage to get more money. Why? Because the denominator changes. When they increase your base 10%, they don’t need to change the tax rate. This has been a silent partnership between the appraisal district and politicians. They never have to make hard decisions and defend them (i.e. scrub their budgets or raise taxes). Yet, the result for us homeowners is always the same (our taxes go up).

Now is the opportunity to send a message to our local leaders: Stop using the appraisal district to balance your budgets! Give us fair assessments and justify your budgets and tax rates in the light of day!

On Monday, May 18 we will hold a meeting of neighbors, to include representatives from other neighborhoods, to disseminate information about this year’s appraisals. The purpose of the meeting is not to rail against the system or complain about our individual appraisals. Instead it is to help each other take action by protesting collectively. This will be a chance for neighbor to help neighbor and take action against a system that has taken advantage of homeowners for a long time.

If you are unable to join us, please consider appealing your appraisals. Find all the forms and information you need at: www.traviscad.org. The deadline for submitting your appeal is May 31. You will then be notified regarding a future hearing to discuss your individual case.

This is your chance to send a message to our local leaders, and an opportunity to get the financial relief you deserve at a time you need it the most.

(Editor’s note) Come to the meeting to obtain information about the true values of homes in our area from realtors so you will know for sure whether this year’s appraised values are accurate.


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Thomas Tutwiler Langmead
May 28, 1935 – April 21, 2009

Thomas T. Langmead was born on May 28, 1935 to Mary Emily Tutwiler and Edmund Clarence Langmead at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He graduated from Redlands High School in Redlands California in 1951. He graduated from Stanford University in June 1955. He followed his father, Lt. General Edmund Langmead in service with the U.S. Air Force and was commissioned on June 28, 1955. Tom served in France, Vietnam, and Oahu, Hawaii where he was promoted to Major in 1967. Tom assumed command of the 38th Squadron in Zweibrucken, Germany from 1973 to 1977. Tom was promoted to Lt. Colonel in October 1977. He took over as Operations Officer at Bergstrom AFB in 1978 and retired in 1979 after 22 years service.

After his distinguished military career flying the F4 Fathom and F101 Voodoo, Tom joined Dean Witter Reynolds in September 1979 and quickly rose to Branch Mgr. of the Austin Office. In September 1990, Tom joined A.G. Edwards and became Branch Mgr. of the Tarrytown office. Failing health forced Tom’s retirement in December 2008.

Survivors are his wife Mary, Michelle, Tom Jr., Kate, Chet, Margie, Tom III, Elizabeth, Jack, Abby, and Avery. Also his beloved pets Tilly, Baby-cat, Lilly and a countless list of other friends and family.

Tom will be remembered for his gracious spirit, generosity, and unwavering loyalty. He will be laid to rest in Lonedell, Missouri at Oak Grove Cemetery.

The family requests donations be made in his honor to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 501 S. Jude Place Memphis, TN 38105.

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Some flower close-ups my son, Alan took this year in our yard. Some are from his garden, some are weeds, and some are ornamentals.


Four O'clock

Dandelion with hopper

Gerber Daisy


Oxalis with bee

Morning Glory

Ominous Tomato

Dandelion seeds
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River City Pest Control

Barkley Garner
8704 Oak Ledge Dr, Austin TX 78748

Insect Control
Nuisance Animal Control

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