Castlewood-Oak Valley
Neighborhood Association

June 2004

Graduation Monthly COVNA Meeting Father's Day


5:00-8:00 p.m. Saturday, June 19th

The Anderson’s House
9100 Heatherwood
(SW corner Heatherwood & Vassal)


,'',,PICNIC !,,'',
A COVNA approved right:
To assemble, eat, and enjoy each other’s company.
Bring chairs, children welcome
Homemade desserts appreciated
Short business meeting at 6:00

Event will take place rain or shine, unless there is a downpour.   If in doubt, call Claudia Anderson at 282-1932
or Doug DuBois at 292-9323.
Third Monday of the month.
2004 Meetings:

January 19th...........June 19th Picnic
February 16th.........September 20th
March 15th................October 18th
April 19th...............November 15th
May 17th.......December 20th Party

P O S T - I T S

This is an update on items of interest to our neighborhood. Recently I attended a meeting between the Cherry Creek on Brodie Neighborhood Association (CCoBNA) and developers of the Harris Ranch tract of land at Brodie and Davis Lane. Also in attendance was the President of OHAN – the Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods. The issue was the outcome of a zoning request hearing and the impact the development would have on property values in CCoBNA and the traffic on Davis Lane and Brodie Lane. No resolution was agreed on and the developers will be going before City Council on June 17th, so we should have word of the outcome at the picnic.

CAMPO – Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, is still taking comments regarding their toll-road proposals. To voice your opinion, log on to: In case you had not heard, they are proposing to make Loop 1 a toll road from north of Slaughter to before it ties into Ben White. Basically, the overpass over William Cannon, even though funds have already been allocated for this project.

We may have a short business meeting at 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening during the picnic, so I am looking forward to seeing everyone possible on the 19th at the Anderson’s. ~Doug


Those who take the time and effort ten times a year to deliver the COVNA newsletter deserve our thanks. If you catch one in the act, thank them personally. A tip of the hat to those who deliver.

Mary Ann Hundley: Oak Ledge
Nancy Thibert: Rustic Oak & Davis
Arthur Kane: Sheri Oak
John Werst: Shelby Oak
Dixie Briggs: Collingwood
Tim Timmerman: Comburg Castle Way
Claudia Anderson: Vassal & Comburg
Jo & Charles Clare: Queenswood N of Crownspoint
Elmar Burkhardt: Lancaster
Frank de la Teja: Heatherwood
LaVonne Falconieri: Toulouse
Gene Hoes: Barkwood
Mira Hill: Crownspoint Cir., Ramblewood & Queenswood S of Crownspoint
Susan Maynard: Mosswood & Crownspoint from Ramblewood to Castlewood
Melanie Malewitz: Castledale &Woodshire
Tony Schultz: Monarch
Marilyn James: Castlewood


~Ed Hill~

In the Fall of 1969, Mrs. Hill and I visited Castlewood Forest looking for property on which to build. At this time Bartley Harris was the original developer and had exclusive rights. Mira and I selected the lot which became 9505 Queenswood Dr, then found and altered a set of plans and prepared to negotiate with the Harris people to build. Informed that Bartley Harris was in deep financial trouble our agent found us another builder, Jim Adams. At this time, there were only a few houses on Castlewood Drive and two or three on Crownspoint. The three or four houses on Ramblewood Drive were built by Bartley Harris as "spec" houses and had not been sold which put him into deep financial trouble with the IRS and his financiers. Jim Adams started our building and also was building the house on the SE corner of Castlewood and Crownspoint for the Montgomery's. Our lot was truly in a "virgin" forest so I spent over a half day with my builder adjusting the floor plan to save as many of the numerous trees as possible. Finally, after removing a total of seven trees, building began and was completed, allowing us to move in in early April 1970. A builder/developer named West took over and began extensive building throughout the tract. We watched houses being built all around us and becoming occupied. In our little corner, the "east-west” portion of Queenswood Dr, all homes on both sides of the street were finished and occupied. Learning about our neighbors at this time gave birth to the saying that to live on this block, one had to be associated with "Bullets or Bibles." There were and are five retired military families, and the two houses across the street were Parsonages at that time. Through the years we observed the remainder of Castlewood Forest being built and occupied forming the very delightful neighborhood we enjoy today. One delightful memory of this aged hunter and outdoorsman is the night I came home and turned into my driveway almost running into a beautiful ten or twelve point buck deer. I saw him then but never again.

Hill House Under Construction Hill House in 1979