6/15 - World Juggling Day



5 pm, Saturday, June 8th
(Rain date - 6/15)

The Anderson’s back yard
9100 Heatherwood
(Heatherwood & Vassal)

It’s June, it’s Hot, it’s time to

Good company, good food,
and a cold beer or soda just go together.
Everyone welcome/Food provided
Homemade sides & desserts appreciated
Bring chairs/Children welcome
Short business meeting at 6:00 if needed
Call Dan Anderson at 282-1932 in case of rain

6/30 - Meteor Day



Jennifer Rizkalla
Ron Mattison
Mark Tilley
Hal Ferguson
Doug Tabony
Karen Mattison
Mark Tilley

President (358-1610)
Vice President (282-2174)
Secretary (280-2572)
Treasurer (282-0601)
Newsletter (280-4080)
ANC Delegate (282-2174)
Past President (280-2572)

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February 18th
Spring Fling - April 20th
Neighborhood Picnic-June 8th
September 16th
November 18th
Holiday Party - December 16th

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In the recent AISD bond election the decisions concerning roughly 490 million in new funding and property taxes were decided by only 10.25% of registered voters (38,946) The largest gap between for and against was 1,200, the smallest a mere 201 votes. No matter your position on the issues, it’s easy to see how much your vote counts in local, “small” elections. Please keep informed and exercise your most basic and powerful civil right and vote.

PROP. 1, AISD [For Health, Environment, Equipment and Technology] - $140,566,000
For: 19,647 50.62%, Against: 19,165 49.38%

PROP. 2, AISD [For Safety and Security and Relief from Overcrowding - $233,950,000
For: 19,293 49.74%, Against: 19,492 50.26%

PROP. 3, AISD[For Academic and Building Infrastructure Renovations - $349,165,000
For: 19,830 51.13%, Against: 18,950 48.87%

PROP. 4, AISD[For Academic Initiatives, Fine Arts and Athletics] - $168,564,000
For: 18,964 48.92%, Against: 19,800 51.08%

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Summer Strawberry Picnic by Marianne Clancy