Castlewood-Oak Valley
Neighborhood Association

September 2004
Monthly COVNA Meeting

September MEETING
7:00 p.m. Monday,

Southwest Church of Christ
8900 Manchaca Rd.
(Rear Entrance)


Our program will feature Austin Police Department (APD)
District Representative Officer Fred Rodriguez.

Officer Rodriguez has been our District Representative for quite some time now and is very familiar with our neighborhood and crime statistics for the area. Come hear an update, as well as learn about crime prevention measures we can all practice to maintain the safe neighborhood we all enjoy. Officer Rodriguez will also address the increased amount of graffiti we have seen lately along with other concerns of the neighborhood. Please show your support for APD with your attendance.

The COVNA Email list is up!

Check out how you can join the virtual neighborhood. Read the Editor’s notes inside to find out how to join in this exciting way to stay informed and keep in touch

Following a very unseasonably mild summer, we are looking forward to an enjoyable fall season and a return to our monthly COVNA meetings. New neighbors have moved into the neighborhood over the past few months and we invite you to attend the September meeting to learn more about your neighborhood and the neighbors who live here.

News From ANC

Throughout the summer, the Austin Neighborhoods Council has continued to meet, addressing issues of importance to Austin. One key activity, which is just getting underway, is an Integrity Project, where neighborhoods can submit violations of integrity by developers or city staff with regard to adhering to established neighborhood plans when variances for developers are requested. ANC will conduct a panel discussion during the September 22 General Membership meeting to discuss Cap Metro’s All Systems Go rail proposal. There is truly no benefit to South Austinites and a potentially large tax burden, but join the meeting so you can decide for yourself how to vote in November.

I hope to resume my evening walking routine, so if you see me on your street and have an issue to discuss, please stop me, or drop me an email at

Member who paid dues after the directory deadline:

Watkins, Linette M. & Smith, Michael J.
2603 Crownspoint Drive

Those of you who came to the COVNA picnic will recall the presentation concerning the Cherry Creek on Brodie Neighborhood Association’s proposed alternative to the Brodie 31 planned unit development, Main Street Brodie. Below is an excerpt from an article on CCoBNA’s website. To read the entire article, visit their website at

Despite our best efforts - and they were great ones, thanks to CCoBNA Vice President John Larkin and many others - the City Council voted 4-3 tonight to give the applicant for the Brodie 31 planned unit development basically everything he wanted in the first place. The PUD passed almost as it did, 6-0, on first reading - including virtually everything we had seen from day one in dealing with this developer - and the Council majority disregarded the results of our planning charette. In doing so, they also stomped on our dreams of seeing something better than the same old thing on Brodie Lane. Brewster McCracken, Raul Alvarez and Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Goodman stood up for us, especially McCracken and Alvarez. Mayor Will Wynn and members Betty Dunkerley, Danny Thomas and -- in the cynical shocker of the evening -- Daryl Slusher turned us down cold. Many, many thanks are due to John Larkin for his tireless efforts to help all of Southwest Austin reach for a higher level than we otherwise would have dreamed of. Many thanks to our friends in other neighborhoods, particularly Bruce Perrin of Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods, Gary Trumbo of Tanglewood Oaks and Doug Dubois of Castlewood-Oak Valley, who stood up for us all along the way.

An email correspondence group has been set up for the Castlewood/Oak Valley neighborhood. Each email sent by a subscriber will be sent to all the other subscribers. This will allow for quick distribution of news affecting our neighborhood, area, and city and allow neighbors to get to know one another better. Each email will start with [COVNA] in the subject line for easy recognition. No “Yahoo-style” ads will appear in the emails.

To join the group, do one of the following:
Email me (Doug Tabony) at and let me know you want to subscribe
Subscribe directly by sending an email to:
No subject is required. In the body of the email type: subscribe COVNA firstname lastname

This forum can be used to alert people or express concerns about neighborhood, area, or city-wide issues. Subscribers will also be able to share experiences, recipes, pictures, etc. Posting excessively will be discouraged and this will not be a forum for discussing political viewpoints or supporting candidates. Questions? Call me at 280-4080.


Traffic safety is a major focus of the Austin Police Department and a substantial amount of resources is committed to traffic safety improvements and traffic enforcement. Traffic enforcement is a primary function of APD motor units and one of the main functions of patrol officers. In addition, APD schedules officers each week on overtime, funded by grants, to enforce traffic laws. The goal of traffic enforcement is to increase citizens' voluntary compliance with traffic laws. In furtherance of this goal, APD will now publish a weekly list of traffic enforcement locations. Each week, APD lists enforcement sites at

Although this list will not be comprehensive or specific as to exact location and time, it is being distributed to increase motorist's awareness of enforcement activities. It is believed this increased awareness will lead to safer roadways through increased compliance with traffic laws.