Castlewood-Oak Valley
Neighborhood Association


October 2004

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Monthly COVNA Meeting

7:00 p.m. Monday,
October 18

Southwest Church of Christ
8900 Manchaca Rd.
(Rear Entrance)

(Take 2)
Our program will feature Austin Police Department (APD)
District Representative Officer Fred Rodriguez.

Officer Rodriguez has been our District Representative for quite some time now and is very familiar with our neighborhood and crime statistics for the area. Come hear an update, as well as learn about crime prevention measures we can all practice to maintain the safe neighborhood we all enjoy. Officer Rodriguez will also address the increased amount of graffiti we have seen lately along with other concerns of the neighborhood. Please show your support for APD with your attendance.

COVNA Email list is growing!

Fear not being overwhelmed! I’m just about the only poster so far.
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Stop Signs and Speed Bumps

During the September COVNA meeting, the issue of traffic was discussed; in general, and in two specific areas. One area was the stop signs on Crownspoint and their relative effectiveness of slowing down traffic, making it dangerous for cross traffic on Castlewood Dr. and Queenswood. I have requested small signs be added to the existing stop signs which would read: "CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP". Hopefully this will get the attention of traffic on Crownspoint. The signs should be installed around the first of November.

Regarding traffic calming devices; they were suggested for Toulouse; for Queenswood; and I have heard suggestions for Crownspoint in the past; and possibly Collingwood. I spoke with Richard Krueger of the City of Austin Engineering department to explore the possibility of COVNA financing the installation of speed bumps. He told me, despite the neighborhood's willingness to fund the construction, to get them installed, we would also have to fund a roughly $500,000 Comprehensive Neighborhood Survey, which would include every dwelling within the area bounded by Manchaca Rd., Davis Lane, Brodie Lane, and Slaughter Lane. Needless to say, our treasury is not that flush. When the city does have funds for such projects, they usually can afford to complete 3 per year and there was a waiting list of 160 projects when the money dried up. Not to say we will never see them in our neighborhood, but the prospects are highly unlikely.

Thanks for the excellent turnout in September, and my apologies for being absent in October. We will still have a good meeting and I'll be looking forward to learn of new concerns to be addressed.
Doug DuBois

New membership paid after the directory deadline:

Greg Allen & Jennifer S. Estes
2309 Shelby Oak Lane

Some say this is the most important election of our lifetime. All hype aside, voting is important. Exercise your right to vote, exercising makes one stronger. Whether you approve or not, Texas has been redistricted. I have seen a Lloyd Doggett sign in the neighborhood. If you want to vote for or against Doggett, you’ll be disappointed. He is running in the new District 25 and we now reside in District 21. Below I’ve listed the Precinct specific races for the Tuesday, November 2nd election along with other election related information and helpful websites.

EARLY VOTING– October 18th through the 29th
You may vote early and avoid the rush. Southside locations open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Mon-Fri
and 12:00-6:00 on Sunday:
HEB (South Congress) - 2400 South Congress Avenue (temp. bldg. in parking lot)
Randalls (Ben White) - 2025 West Ben White Boulevard @ Manchaca
Albertson's (Stassney) - 5510 South IH35 @ Stassney
Home Depot (Brodie) - 1200 Home Depot Boulevard @ Brodie
Randalls (South Mopac) - 6600 South Mopac Expressway @ William Cannon
All locations are listed at:

Dates and Locations
Mobile voting for the November 2, 2004 election will be conducted
from October 18th through October 29th.
Dates nd loctions listed at:

COVNA is located in Precinct 355 with a few residences possibly in 309. Both vote in the same races.
US Representative – District 21
Lamar Smith-R
Rhett Smith-D,
Jason Pratt-L
State Representative – District 48
Terry Keel-R
County Commissioner – Precinct 3
Geral Daugherty-R
Constable – Precinct 3
Thornton Keel-R
Richard T McCain-D


CANDIDATE AND ISSUES INFORMATION (Inclusive) (Voter's Guide) (National)


An email correspondence group has been set up for the Castlewood/Oak Valley neighborhood. Each email sent by a subscriber will be sent to all the other subscribers. This will allow for quick distribution of news affecting our neighborhood, area, and city and allow neighbors to get to know one another better. Each email will start with [COVNA] in the subject line for easy recognition. No “Yahoo-style” ads will appear in the emails.

To join the group, do one of the following:
Email me (Doug Tabony) at and let me know you want to subscribe
Subscribe directly by sending an email to:
No subject is required. In the body of the email type: subscribe COVNA firstname lastname

This forum can be used to alert people or express concerns about neighborhood, area, or city-wide issues. Subscribers will also be able to share experiences, recipes, pictures, etc. Posting excessively will be discouraged and this will not be a forum for discussing political viewpoints or supporting candidates. Questions? Call me at 280-4080.