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10/5-11—Get Organized Week

10/35-31—Magic Week
Tufted Titmouse and Black-capped Chickadee, are two of the common birds in our area that frequent bird feeders.

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Dear Neighbors:

Our next meeting will be in November, and our annual Christmas party will be in December.

Office Vacancy

In November we need to vote for a replacement for the vacant office of COVNA President. If you are a member and would like to serve your neighbors, please contact one of the board members. If you know a member who would be a good nominee, please let the board members know.

November 4, 2008 Election

The November national election is expected to be very well attended. The Travis County Elections Officer expects between 80 - 85 per cent of the voters will participate. She strongly recommended that we use the early voting system. Early Election sites will be open October 20 through October 31. If you plan to vote at an Early Voting site, she also suggests you go early in the day. Don't wait until the last moment or you will be standing in long lines. Make voting an enjoyable event.

Davis Lane Improvements

Construction of the Davis Lane/Brodie Lane intersection and extending Davis Lane toward MoPAC may start about June 1, 2009. The project officer is Dr. Bimal Adhikary, a Professional Engineer with the city's Public Works department. He said, "Our Real Estate people are also working on the Right of Way and Easement acquisition simultaneously." The construction period will be about one year.

Construction of the "gap" of Davis Lane past Leo Street to Huebinger Street may not start until the summer of 2010. The design and acquisition of easements will be complete in approximately one year, according to Allison Dietzel, the project manager at the Public Works Department. The bidding and contract phase will take another six months before construction can begin.

I did not get the information about closing the gap of West Gate Boulevard between Cameron Loop and Cohoba Street.

As the dates get closer, we will try to have updates on these three aspects of Davis Lane upgrades. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dominic Chavez in working with the Public Works Department to get this project aligned with our wishes.

Traffic Calming Devices

In the COVNA area there is a plan for the city to install "Traffic Calming Devices." To complete the project, Ronnie Bell of the Public Works Department will be sending letters to all of us. He is being delayed because of clerical vacancies within his office. The letters may be out by the end of the month. He will be asking us to vote on whether or not to put the devices on Monarch and Crownspoint. The plan also includes Curlew Lane and Marsh Drive (just to the West of COVNA area). How we "vote" will decide the next step in the process.

Floyd Clark

Johnny G’s Butcher Block


Specializing in
Fresh Choice Beef, Pork, Sausage, Jerky
Wild Game Processing

Tanglewood Business Park
11600 Manchaca Rd. Ste H
Austin, TX 78748

Grover Swift
Jill Peevy Swift


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We received the following information from Elizabeth Hansen, Outreach and Education Coordinator of Texas Archive of the Moving Image, 500 San Marcos Street, Suite 108B, Austin, Texas 78702. She can be contacted at (512) 485-3073 or

In an effort to expand and improve the documentation of Texas history and culture, the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI), with the help of the Office of the Governor’s Texas Film Commission, is searching for Texas-related moving images to include in our online library of streaming video. To encourage participation, TAMI is offering free transfers of film and video to DVD for those willing to donate a digital copy of their materials to TAMI’s online library.

Whether a home movie of a family at the park or an advertisement for a local business, moving images provide vibrant records of our lives and communities that should be preserved and shared. Help us to preserve your neighborhood’s moving images by spreading the word about TAMI’s free digitization program. This is an exciting opportunity to develop a collection of community-based film and video that can be shared both via TAMI’s online library and through community screenings and educational programs like TAMI’s Texas Film Round-up, kicking off in Austin in February 2009.

More information can be found on their website (, by contacting TAMI at (512) 485-3073 or See moving images that have already been contributed by searching the TAMI online library:

Help us make sure your neighborhood is represented!

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Incidents in COVNA 10/1/07-10/1/08

Aggravated assault family/date violence - 1
Assault w/injury-family/date violence - 4
Amplified music/vehicle - 1
Assault by threat - 1
Assault with injury - 1
Assist complainant - 1
Auto theft - 1
Burglary of residence - 2
Burglary of vehicle - 4
Credit card abuse by forgery - 1
Credit card abuse/other - 1
Criminal mischief - 8
Curfew violation - 1
Custody arrest traffic warrant - 2
Evading / foot - 1
Family disturbance - 2
Forgery by making - 1
Found property - 1
Graffiti - 2
Harassment - 1
Injury to elderly person - 1
Leaving scene crash/accident - 3
Lost property - 1
Possession marijuana - 1
Suicide - 2
Suspicious person - 1
Theft - 3
Theft from auto - 1
Theft of bicycle - 1

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