11/18 - William Tell Day

7:00 p.m. Monday November 18th
Southwest Church of Christ
8900 Manchaca Rd.
(Rear Entrance)


Capital Metro Community Involvement representative, Willie Cecil, will be giving a presentation on Cap Metro’s plans with a Q&A afterwards. Cap Metro is collecting community input on their future transportation plans and think that neighborhood associations are an important piece in their development process. Come and hear what the future may hold and express your views.

11/23 - Fibonacci Day







Jennifer Rizkalla
Ron Mattison
Mark Tilley
Hal Ferguson
Doug Tabony
Karen Mattison
Mark Tilley

President (358-1610)
Vice President (282-2174)
Secretary (280-2572)
Treasurer (282-0601)
Newsletter (280-4080)
ANC Delegate (282-2174)
Past President (280-2572)

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November 18th
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It’s time to recognize those who are responsible for delivering the newsletter to each house in our neighborhood.
A special thanks to James and Kris Starr for dropping off bundles they count out to all those who walk individual routes.

A big thanks to those who deliver the newsletters, currently:
Lita Rosario
Mandy Colbert
Nancy Thibert
Dixie Briggs
LaVonne Falconieri
Mira Hill
Susan Manard
Jessica DeLeon
Jennifer Rizkalla
Frank de la Teja
Gene Hoes
Jerry Breshers
Ron Mattison
Claudia Anderson

A very special thanks goes out to Marilyn James who has delivered newsletters for many years. Until a few years ago she also organized the walkers and routes, replacing those who had to quit. She has moved away, a great loss to the neighborhood.

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By Nolan Stanford

Donald Wingfield Hobart (Colonel USAF Retired) passed away September 13, 2013 in Houston, Texas where he and his wife Betty had moved some months ago to be near their twin daughters and their families. Don was a long time resident of Castlewood Forest, moving into his home at 2407 Toulouse in 1975. Col. Hobart spent a colorful career as a fighter pilot in the Air Force. He was a highly decorated officer, being awarded the Legion Of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Bronze Star. His most notable achievement was as commander of the 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron, "The Black Sheep Squadron”; a unit that he took into combat in Vietnam in 1972, and returned all home safely without a single loss. Don continued to be active in retired military affairs after retirement as the Director of Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program, Director of Bergstrom AFB Retired Activities Office, and Representative to the Air Force National Retiree Council. Don was also an active participant in local neighborhood affairs through his participation in COVNA.

Don and I began our flying careers together as Aviation Cadets in 1953 earning our military wings in 1955. We moved to Castlewood in the same time period. My wife and I even considered purchasing the same house that Don eventually bought.

Obituary and Photo Gallery:
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Power Partner Thermostat

Receive an $85 rebate when you enroll an Austin Energy approved Internet-connected thermostat in the Power Partner Thermostat program. You can get a rebate for each approved thermostat enrolled.

Power Partner Thermostats replaces the Free Thermostats Program. If you participated in the free thermostat program and need support, please call (877) 549-2774 for more information.

Benefits for You and Austin Energy
Your participation can help the community lower summer power demands, prevent power outages, and delay the need to build new power plants. The thermostat can help you manage your energy use and comfort, even when you are away from home. The additional control offers more opportunities to save money by saving energy.

How It Works:
In summer, when the demand for electricity is highest, Austin Energy will briefly adjust thermostat settings or cycle off your air conditioner. Typically these adjustments will be for about two hours in the afternoon on only about 15 weekdays. You’ll find more program information on the vendor links provided below.

If you don’t like the adjusted temperature on a particular day, you can change it by following the instructions provided on your thermostat or on your thermostat web account.

How to Get Your Rebate
Make sure you meet the Prerequisites and Requirements.
Enroll an Austin Energy approved Internet-connected thermostat.
Follow the instructions that come with your thermostat.

Install it and connect it to the Internet. Use your computer or smart phone to register your thermostat and create a thermostat Web account.
After you register your thermostat, you can enroll the thermostat in Austin Energy’s program on the vendor’s web page at the links provided below, or follow the instructions you receive via email from the thermostat company.

You will receive your rebate check within eight weeks of applying.

Austin Energy Approved Internet-connected Thermostats
Click here to go to the city website for the list and links.


You must be an Austin Energy residential customer; multifamily and commercial accounts do not qualify.
Your cooling system and connected thermostat must be in the Austin Energy service area.
You must have a wireless network with Internet access at the thermostat’s location.


You can use only an Austin Energy approved Internet-connected thermostat.
You must have a standard air conditioning system (split system, package unit, or heat pump).
The heater component may be gas or electric.
Your air conditioning equipment must be no larger than 10 tons.
Your air conditioning equipment must be in good mechanical condition and controlled by an approved, communicating thermostat device.

If you have questions, call (512) 482-5346

Wall Thermostat


Thermostat Control Ap on Cell Phone


Would you enjoy being surrounded by nature’s beauty and help preserve the institutions that bring islands of serenity and preservation to our area? Consider volunteering at McKinney Falls State Park or the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

McKinney Falls State Park is an oasis in the middle of a quickly developing area close to the airport. There are numerous positions needed to be filled by volunteers. Become one of the thousands of volunteers across the state that donate invaluable service and contribute a combined $17 million worth of time to Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Contact Amber Conrad at (512) 415-8793 for information on volunteering.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center could not exist without the support of our volunteers. These generous supporters donate thousands of hours a year serving the mission of the Center. Every day volunteers are tending the gardens, assisting researchers, or communicating with members. Behind every plant and every program at the Wildflower Center are supporters who work to inspire others to love the land to make Lady Bird's vision a reality.

In the next few years when we complete the fundraising phase of future children's garden, we look forward to being able to put many more of you to work.

Perhaps your interests match one of the current needs in our gift store, natural areas, public tours, or family events. There are group volunteer opportunities as well.

Currently available volunteer opportunities

Group volunteer opportunities

Long-time COVNA resident, Paul Reinartz, was recently honored at the Volunteer Award Dinner for most volunteer hours (5,827) at the Wildflower Center.

For article about Paul, click here.

Volunteers at McKinney Falls State Park

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Volunteer

Giant Lobelia plant, Mount Kilimanjaro