12/16 –Boston Tea Party
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7:00 p.m. Monday, December 19th
Southwest Church of Christ
Fellowship Hall
8900 Manchaca Rd. (Rear Entrance)

December Program Notes

The December meeting is traditionally our Annual Holiday Party.
We invite everyone to come and join us for food and fellowship plus a little business.
COVNA will provide the food and beverages, we just ask you to
bring lots of Holiday Cheer. Homemade desserts are always welcome.
I know we have a lot of good bakers in the neighborhood.

Action will take place concerning the number of
COVNA meetings per year/meeting day.

12/17 – Louisiana Purchase Day
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Newsletter (280-4080)
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Parting Shots from the President

COVNA December Meeting

I appreciate the support of the neighborhood over the past two years. Fortunately, nothing earth-shattering has happened during my tenure. I will continue to monitor the Dollar Store development on Monarch. I look forward to working with our new president and seeing you all round the ‘hood.

The December meeting will be our annual Holiday Party, held in the fellowship hall. It is a time for sharing good food, stories of the neighborhood, and a little of the Christmas Spirit. In addition, it is one of the largest gatherings we have, so there is usually a little business to attend to.

COVNA will provide the food and beverages for one and all. If any of our great bakers are so inclined, we would not be offended if they shared some of their favorite holiday recipes with the group. No on is under any obligation to bring food items.

Please come join this great event and meet your neighbors!!

See you there,
Doug DuBois


Here is the proposed agenda for our meeting:

7:00 – 7:30 p.m. Food & Conversation
7:30 – 8:00 p.m. Business Meeting

Discussion of Frequency of Meetings

It has been proposed to reduce the number of actual meetings down
from eight to four, plus the Holiday Party and Summer Picnic.

Election of Officers

Slate of Candidates
President - Floyd Clark
V.P. - Greg Estes
Treasurer - Hal Ferguson
Newsletter Editor - Doug Tabony

8:00 - ?? p.m. More food and conversation.


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New Year's Eve

Downtown Family Fun

First Night Austin 2006
New Year¹s Eve Celebration of the Arts

On Saturday, Dec. 31, 2005, a new tradition will be launched in downtown Austin, the annual New Year¹s Eve Celebration of the Arts. It is a major festival of the visual and performing arts, offered as a gift to the entire community. First Night Austin programs and commissions artists to create works in and on the fabric of the city, (i.e. outdoor plazas, sidewalks, balconies, building facades, indoor lobbies and more). First Night Austin provides a festive way to greet the New Year without the provision or promotion of alcohol and is designed to be open and accessible to everyone in our community. Dec. 1st marks the release date of the official First Night Austin 2006 Commemorative Button, Program and Poster cover art designed by invitational artist Faith Gay. First Night Austin 2006 includes 25 indoor and outdoor locations from 9th and Congress to Town Lake, Cesar Chavez to City Hall, First Street Bridge to Auditorium Shores. Over 80 artists and arts groups will be presenting visual and performing arts programming beginning with the 2-5 p.m. Family Festival, the 5:30-6:30 p.m. Grand Procession down Congress Avenue, the 7 p.m. pyrotechnic Family Finale at City Hall, evening programming until 11:30 p.m. and a pyrotechnic Grand Finale at the stroke of midnight on Town Lake.

While a majority of the event is free and accessible to all, a First Night Austin 2006 Commemorative Button provides financial support for the event and serves as an access pass to indoor venues. Buttons are on sale online at www.firstnightaustin.org or at the following locations: Austin H-E-B stores, Central Market at 38th & Lamar, and other locations (check website). Buttons are $8 in advance; $10 on the day of the event. Children 6 and under are free.

First Night Austin also needs volunteers & lots of them! Be a part of the First Night Austin team and earn a free button for volunteering over 3 hours. Contact volunteer@firstnightaustin.org


Your City at Work

Code Compliance Information & useful Contact Numbers

Since Matt Christianson from the City of Austin Solid Waste Services spoke at our October meeting concerning code compliance, the contact numbers for code violations have been consolidated into 311. Code compliance service areas are now divided into four regions that correspond to Austin Police Department command districts. This will allow for the two departments to share resources and to work more closely in the battle against urban blight.

The City of Austin recognizes that enforcement of City codes is a growing concern among its residents and it is committed to continuing to meet these needs in a timely and responsive manner. For much more information about waste collection, hazardous waste, recycling, code compliance, etc., visit www.ci.austin.tx.us/sws.

Areas covered by code compliance:
• Housing and Structures
• Low-Hanging Tree Limbs
• Yards and Vacant Lots
• Zoning and Land Use

Situations Solid Waste Services investigates (fortunately rarely impacting COVNA area):
• Adult-oriented businesses located too close to churches, schools, etc.
• Businesses operated from homes
• Businesses operating without site plans or certificates of occupancy
• Dangerous buildings and structures
• Garbage carts left at the curb
• Illegal dumping
• Permanent garage sales
• Prohibited use: i.e., a zoning violation such as a commercial business operating in a residential zone
• RVs and boats that are not properly screened
• Signs in the right of way
• Standing water/neglected swimming pools
• Substandard conditions in rented homes or apartments (except mold)
• Weeds or grass that are more than 12 inches high

Limbs must be 14’ above roadway for delivery trucks, busses, etc. It is homeowner’s responsibility. Register complaints with Code Compliance at 311. For trees downed, blocking street signs, and causing blind corners call Parks and Recreation, 440-5150.

Saw a vulture feasting on road kill on Comburg Tuesday. Number to call for dead animal removal is 494-9400 (7 am-6 pm, M-F). Solid Waste Services will collect a dead animal that has been placed at the curb. You may put it in a bag or box if you wish. Do not put a dead animal in your garbage cart.

Noticed some graffiti at Crownspoint and Tolouse. Not related to departments above, but useful number - Graffiti Removal: 854-4125.

Since this is a time
when thoughts turn to peace,
I will post crime statistics from 9/1/05 to 12/31/05
next month and quarterly or so thereafter.

May we all find peace and happiness
this season and throughout
the new year.