12/5 Sachertorte Day


Monday, December 14, 6:30 pm
Tres Amigos
SE Corner of Slaughter and Manchaca

Appetizers & Non-Alcoholic drinks
will be provided.

Food provided will include chips, salsa, queso, taquitos,
guacamole, ground beef, pico de gallo,
sour cream, cheese, and flour tortillas.

You may order off the menu at your expense.

Tres Amigos is allowing us to bring deserts
so show off your favorite recipes.

Short Business Meeting 7:15

1. 2016 COVNA Sponsored Events
2. COVNA Elections
3. By-Laws changes

President, Secretary, and Newsletter Editor are due for a vote this year.
The floor will be open for nominations.

Bingo Month


It is time to show your support for the Castlewood—Oak Valley Neighborhood Association.
For $10 per household you be a part of your neighborhood association
that works hard to make this a great place to live.
You can print a membership form by clicking here.
According to the by-laws, dues shall be payable by March 1st of each calendar year.


Ron Mattison
Paco Bertsch
Matt Janiga
Hal Ferguson
Doug Tabony
Jennifer Rizkalla

President (512 282-2174)
Vice President (512 993-9277)
Secretary (512 709-3862)
Treasurer (512 282-0601)
Newsletter (512 280-4080)
ANC Delegate
Past President (512 280-4975)

Print and Clip

To join the COVNA Email List, click below and
send an email with your name(s) to
Now 150+ households strong!

Find out the latest neighborhood news and developments.
Receive recommendations for service providers.


4/18 - Neighborhood Garage Sale:
8 am-1 pm
5/2 - Spring Fling: 4-7 pm

6 /20 - Summer Picnic
10/6 - National Night Out: 6-8 pm
12/14 - Holiday Party: 6:30 pm





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Advertise in the COVNA Newsletter
Only $10.00/month. Reaches over 400 homes & Online at
Email Hal Ferguson to see if space is available at:

Showy Local Butterflies



Red admiral

Black swallowtail

Giant swallowtail

Tiger swallowtail


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